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Stop by to view our top quality Boer Goats, we are very pleased with the production these good goats are giving to us here in Wyoming



Welcome to the Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats web site. We hope you enjoy each page of our site as you check out our Herd Sires, our Does, our New Kids, and especially our Boer Goats for Sale pages, to view the excellent quality of the offerings of our Boer Goats for sale in Wyoming.




5LH Boer Does
5LH Boer Does
Being centrally located between six states it gives us the unique opportunity to not only offer our Goats for Sale in Wyoming, particularly Central and Eastern Wyoming but to also offer Boer Goats for sale in Colorado and to folks in all the other surrounding states, including Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Our location is approximately the same distance mileage wise to all these great states. Check out our Map page. However, we do not want to leave anyone out as we also offer our Boer Goats for Sale Nationally and Internationally.

Here on the Home page we will concentrate on the main object of the web site and introduce you to our wonderful full South African, Wyoming Boer Goat genetics. We are very proud of the ancestry of our Boer Goats as they are close descendants of some of the best genetics offered in the Boer Goat industry. We have managed over the years to put together a great a line up of top South african Boer genetics, from some of the Top Breeders here in the states, and now, with the addition of, Road House, The Bomb and Bamani, we have again rose to the top of the newest South African genetics to enter the United States. You can find and purchase top South African  genetics right here in Wyoming at the Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats; No need to look any farther.


We leave an open invitation and look forward to visiting with everyone, as we welcome you to the Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats. Feel free to navigate our site for more information about us.

Thanks for Visiting our Web-site.  Please return often, We appriciate each of you as "our viewer's".
If you see something you like please use our Contact Form to let us know. You can also use our e-address and our phone lines if you would rather be more peronal in your contact.
We always enjoy talking Goats.




Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats

Fred and Joy Rothleutner
1316 Smylie Rd
Douglas, WY 82633


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