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5LH Xzlem 1248

Boer Goat Doe
Born: 12/16/2008
Sire: 5LH Washovia
Dam: CCBG Oregon

Our main base doe in our line breeding program she getting a bit long in the tooth but still making great kids. We have sons, daughters grand's and great grand's from this solid doe. She has never failed and has even raised a few that were not officially hers, but, she fought for them all when trouble appeared!


FSE 3174
FSE 5043
5LH Washovia
FSE 3005
PBL 5B253
PBL 4B611 SA
PBL 4B579

5LH Xzlem 1248

NK Tomkat (Ennobled)

CCBG Sloan

CCBG Oregon

CCBG Priscilla

TX02 N960
TX02 K335

Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats

Fred and Joy Rothleutner
1316 Smylie Rd
Douglas, WY 82633

 - 307-359-0405

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