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About Us

The Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats is located in East Central Wyoming in a bend of the beautiful North Platte River where our little place is surrounded by vast acres of hay fields rolling plains and pasture land that we share with an abundance of Elk, Deer, Antelope and being just 25 miles from Glendo Dam; We enjoy some fun outings Fishing, camping, sight seeing, and just enjoying life here in Wonderful Wyoming.

Fred, Joy and Grandsons
We have been blessed with 43 years of marriage, three lovely daughters and three grandsons. We have always been associated in one form or another and dearly love all of our animals. We presently provide homes for 3 cats, 4 dogs, 100 chickens, and up to 50 Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats. We have been active in 4H and FFA most of our lives and intend to get even more involved as we further promote our Boer Goats.

We have wanted to get into Boer Goat business from the time they were first introduced to the states in the mid 90's, we literally fell in love with them, however, it seemed as this venture always had to take a place behind the fast pace and hustle and bustle of living and working here in Wyoming. It seemed we just never got around to seriously looking into it. Then in 2002 I sustained very serious injuries on the job separating my back and injuring my neck in several places, so after bolting my back together with several steel plates and hoping I would be able to live with the neck injuries my doctors informed me that I could no longer meet the requirements and job descriptions of most of the areas of work available to me in this area. So, after pouting around for several years and getting bored out of my mind the venture into the Boer Goats resurfaced and we went headfirst into it looking for topnotch bloodstock to bring to the Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats here in Central Wyoming.

Hay Delivery at the Five Lazy Heart
We started our search and purchased our first Boer Goats from Tom & Carrie Boyer at the Chalk Creek Boer Goats in Coalville Utah from their good buck (NK Tomkat). We followed up with several more purchases from their good goat herd. We then purchased a buck (FSE 5043) and a doe from Jim & Lynn Farmer at the Farmers Stock Exchange, at the same time we purchased does from Teresa Turner of Silvergate Farms. Later on we added to the Five Lazy Heart Boers goats more does from Johnston's Windee Ridge in Colorado, Paul Payne of Talpa Texas, from Steve Evans of Coleman Texas we purchased the nice buck (SEE 5B400), and from Tollie Jordaan of Talpa Texas and Somerset East in South Africa we have just added a very nice doeling and 2 upcoming junior sires (PPW 6B3) and ( PPW 6B73). We express our thanks to each of these good breeders for the foundation base Bucks and Does they have allowed us to purchase from them, which in-turn allowed the long left behind dream of producing top genetic Boer Goats for Sale in Wyoming to become a reality. Please see our Does and herd sires pages to see pedigrees and photos of some of these good Boers and be sure watch our New Kids page starting in January to see the offspring of these fine Boer Goats.


Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats

Fred and Joy Rothleutner
1316 Smylie Rd
Douglas, WY 82633

 - 307-359-0405

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